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July 25 – August 15


Each teleclass & Speakers show released at 4 PM pacific time


5 Teleclasses of The Bond Curriculum PLUS 16 Shows of The Fairness Campaign Summit

PART 1 - The Bond Teleclass Taught by Lynne McTaggart

5 Teleclasses with curriculum developed and taught by Lynne show you EXACTLY how to discover The Bond and find your way to a new life that delivers new found ease, flow, abundance, equitable relationships and more

We all get a buzz out of eating and sex but there’s a third buzz that is just as pleasurable, and it can have a direct impact on the type of world we live in.

A desire to help others
, is so necessary to us that we experience it as one of our chief pleasurable activities, as essential and pleasurable as eating and having sex.

There is even an “it’s not fair” spot in the human brain, so that people are less interested in making money for themselves than in rectifying financial inequality.

This belief that the essential impulse of human beings and all of life is a will to connect is at the core of Lynne McTaggart’s paradigm-shifting new book THE BOND: Connecting Through the Space Between Us, the result of her extensive research into the work of frontier scientists in a vast array of disciplines.

In fact, argues Lynne, an award-winning journalist and author of the international bestsellers The Field and The Intention Experimentall the crises we face today, including the financial recession, have occurred because the lives we’ve chosen to lead are not consistent with our truest nature as givers and sharers.

“Currently, we maintain this view of the universe as a place of scarcity populated by separate things that must turn against each other in order to survive. We’ve all simply assumed that’s life,” says McTaggart. “But that’s not the story science is telling us anymore.”

Among a host of new scientific revelations, THE BOND Teleclass will disclose that we are not “individuals” in any sense of the term:

  • Subatomically, there is no such thing as an individual thing.
  • Our bodies are created through so many complex interactions with its environment that they cannot be considered to exist independently.
  • Our health, our mental stability, and possibly even much of what we consider our uniquely individual motivation are partly at the whim of solar activity.
  • We understand the actions of others by simulating the entire experience from a personal vantage point  as though it were happening to us.
  • One of our deepest needs is to agree with each other, which manifests in a constant and automatic impulse to synchronize, physically, psychologically and emotionally.
  • Emotion, always considered wholly individual, is like a virus, transferring from person to person in an endless and unconscious circle of contagion.
  • We seek belonging above all else: for every $10,000 more your neighbors make than you do, your suicide probability increases by 7.5 per cent.
  • Connecting with others is a matter of life and death; the lone-wolf, Gary Cooper-style all-American hero is a perfect candidate for a heart attack.

A leading figure in the international mind-body-spirit and consciousness communities, Lynne McTaggart offers detailed recommendations in the telelass program to help foster more cooperative relationships and more unified neighborhoods.

Lynne will show you how

  • Survivors of the 2004 Tsunami can teach us how to see the world more fully and in wholeness.
  • A love of flea markets and whodunits turn on the “seeking” mechanism of the brain, which helps us to discover the hidden connections between things.
  • We can learn to relate to each other from the experience of two rival gangs in Watts, Los Angeles.
  • A new way of speaking and listening, inspired by quantum physics, can overcome polarization, helping the staunchest of enemies to become close friends as it did among pro-life and pro-choice activists.
  • A former member of the Hitler youth movement and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor can demonstrate important ways to forgive and connect again.
  • One tiny act of kindness a bit of change left in a Coke machine can cause a wave of generosity throughout a vast corporation and an entire community.
  • People who fire together wire together; whenever a group works together for a common goal, the brains of all parties begin to get on the same wavelength strengthening the bond within the group.
  • Your neighbors and your best friends can become your savings bank.
  • We can gain tips from the South Africa’s rugby and Oxford’s rowing teams, the Chilean Miners, a community water pipeline and a Syrian translator about creating a new and vibrant neighborhood.
  • Fairness is a stronger phenomenon than unfairness; all it requires is a small group of individuals committed to strong reciprocity to “invade” a population of self-interested individuals and create a fairer society.

Ultimately, The Bond Teleclass offers the first roadmap of how to live according to this new scientific story, in harmony with our true nature.

Part 2 - The Fairness Campaign Speakers Summit

23 speakers in 15 Shows, Directing you in Business, Spirituality, Relationships, Peace Healing and Fairness…

Delivering a bold vision to bring fairness back into your life, your family, your neighborhood and community even your country

What ever happened to fairness?

Life certainly doesn’t feel too fair right now.  Bankers have paid themselves record bonuses while the recession they helped to create has caused vast numbers of individuals to lose their jobs, their savings even their homes.

On the other hand hardworking taxpayers resent paying higher taxes either for healthcare on those not contributing or to bail out the banks that have gone on to generate record profits with no immediate payback.

In short, life feels more unfair than it ever has. And, according to the latest statistics, many global communities are are at its most unfair in history.

The trouble is nobody actually wins when things are unfair. The latest evidence shows that the more unfair any society, the worse off everyone is both rich and poor in terms of virtually every social problem.  Both the most affluent and the very poorest suffer from higher rates of ill health, crime, mental illness, environmental problems, and violence.

But it’s not pie-in-the sky wishful thinking…

Lynne and the speakers in The Fairness Campaign Summit are offering a set of practical skills, tools and processes that have been proven to work around the world, even in the midst of bloody civil wars and high conflict such as South Africa and the Middle East. These processes have also proven successful in bringing both sides together over highly polarized issues, such as abortion.

These speakers with Lynne will be offering succinct solutions, such as the example from Japan, where communities have become their own savings and loan banks and each member of a small group of trusted friends receive financial assistance in turn.

You will learn all this AND hear from the leading experts how THEY apply the Fairness Campaign to their work and lives.

Hear from the most successful and powerful teachers in the Human Potential movement how to take the principles Lynne is sharing and use them each day to create the life you have been yearning for.

With the content being presented in the Summit, Individuals, neighborhoods, communities even workplaces can use these tools to make their environment fairer, and everyone in it happier.

"Scientists and economists have demonstrated that fairness has is at the heart of who we are and how we interact with each other,’ says bestselling author Lynne McTaggart. ‘It’s in our DNA. When things are unfair in any way, it damages our social bond and we simply hurt ourselves.  Strange to say, the most selfish (self fulfilling) thing you can do is to be fair to others because that way you yourself are better off, happier and most fulfilled."


Jack Canfield
Ivan Misner
Stephen Covey

Marianne Williamson
Michael Beckwith
Eric Pearl

Bobbi De Porter

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Jean Houston

James O’Dea
Don Beck

Janet Attwood

Arjuna Ardagh

Hale Dwoskin
Paul Scheele

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Marci Shimoff
Howard Martin

Gay and Katie Hendricks
Arielle Ford


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I promise that you are about to not only experience newfound hope and be truly inspired but also discover a practical way to fundamentally change your life…

Here you will discover a revolutionary new understanding emerging from the laboratories of the most cutting-edge physicists, biologists, and psychologists:

What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things -- The Bond.


Option 1

Your CDs will be and sent within 2 – 4 weeks…
We don’t warehouse these items so while the shipping may take longer the price is right!

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